Comprehensive data base containing viscosities and specifications for oils, technical fluids and greases for engines, transmissions, differentials and other components of cars and vehicles
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More than 117,000 units of equipment are registered in the database lubribase®
The need to create our own database arose simultaneously with the start of the first laboratory of MIC GSM in 2008. For correct interpretation of the oils and fluids’ test results, comprehensive data were required, including the requirements of OEM (car manufacturers) for lubricants and technical fluids recommended for use in engines, transmissions, differentials and on =ther components of cars and vehicles. The database gradually grew and at the beginning of 2022, the idea was born to use the existing database to develop a service for lubricant manufacturers, auto parts suppliers, service stations - the Oil Selection service by vehicle brand and model. To implement this line of business, Lubribase LLC was established.
The database continues to be actively replenished and fully reflects the fleets of the world's regions: Russia and the CIS, Europe, North and South America, the Near and Middle East, the countries of the Pacific region.
The database contains detailed information about the specifications, viscosities and requirements of car manufacturers for all oils, technical fluids and greases used in vehicles and industrial machinery.
The source of the information contained in the database is the contents of service books and operating instructions obtained directly from OEMs.
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IT Products
Product selector
Allows you to start using the service on your website in a short time, using the selector developed by us, with the possibility of styling for each customer
API access
Using our data access API, you can create any product on your website
The ability to view in real time the popularity of your products and other statistical information on the market
Analog selection (crossing)
Selection of an analogue (crossing) allows you to find a product similar in terms of physical, technical and tribological characteristics to the product you have chosen
Search for a specification for an assembly or assembly by make and model
Allows the technical consultant to quickly find the right product for any vehicle and mechanism available in the LubriBase database
Query Analytics
Request Analytics provides detailed information about the number of visits to the Oil Selection page per day, month or quarter, about the makes and models of the requested vehicles and the names of the recommended products.
Auto market analytics
Automotive market analytics provides information on the size of the car fleet of countries and regions of the world that is convenient for perception and further use.
Product Portfolio Analytics
Portfolio Analytics provides detailed information on specifications and viscosities that are covered by the company's lubricant product portfolio and that are not covered.
Oil selection for a mixed fleet
Preparation of a proposal for a tender, a fleet of vehicles of different brands and models. Reduce the cost of maintaining a wide range of oils by reducing the range of oils. Reduced risk of errors in lubricant selection.
Our advantages
Our company is ready to help you at every stage. Input and support in the current state of your products, changes in the logic and appearance of the product selector and other relevant assistance.
Using the configurator, you can flexibly set the priorities for displaying products to customers, as well as activate or deactivate a number of relevant products depending on the market trend.
Input interface
Our team of specialists has developed a convenient and thoughtful input of products, as well as search by all fields, sorting, priority management and the ability to disable the selected ones.
Our service keeps a detailed record of consumer demand statistics, with the help of this information we can build graphical reports for you that allow you to track the behavior of the market and its volumes in real time.
Export to exсel
You can unload your products at any time, with all entered viscosities and industrial codes for each of your brands.
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